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Greetings! Is there still interest in fostering this community? It seems there haven't been any posts in a while. I would very much like to find a group of clojure game devs to communicate with.


Apologies for not replying sooner, unfortunately work took me away from the world of clojure (and games) for quite some time.

Should you see this message though, and for anybody else wondering, you can put your games up on the games page. If you log into wikidot, you will be able to edit any page on this wiki, including the games page.

- Dan.

Yeah I saw that :) He makes it look so easy >:(

But yes, I think that is some good evidence that what I want to do in clojure is certainly possible. Thanks! :)

Re: Using Clojure for 3D game by nulla162nulla162, 24 May 2011 22:27

I've recently finished up the first draft of a tank game in Clojure (like Scorched Earth, but much more rudimentary). Anyway, I'd like to share it with the community here! How do I go about doing so?

How to put a game on this site by TcepsaTcepsa, 19 May 2011 22:07

Greets everybody :)

I am a new Clojure newbie. The main problem of Clojure is lack of resources. Other then focusing on only games, wont it be great if we focus on clojure itself more.


Hi all! First of all, thank you dublindan for making this space for us!

So I'd like to hear what others here might have to say concerning clojure's applicability to my game idea. I want to build a turn-based tactical game using OpenGL (not TOO taxing in the triangle dept). I'll be processing each "game piece" with a sort of planning/expert system sort of rig (seems like a great match with clojure's concurrency strengths). But I guess my question is do you think clojure is up to the 3D aspect of this game? Am I looking at penumbra? ljgl? Should I take a look at JME3? Or do you think clojure isn't quite there yet with 3D support?

I am coming from C/Python/Java background, but I have been going through the tutorials and I feel pretty comfortable with clojure. This will be my first LISP, and my first functional language (dabbled a bit in Haskell), but I am so far loving it and would like to use it if I can.

Thanks in advance!


Quick update: Right now I am working on an article (or series of articles, if it goes well) on functional (game) programming, using Clojure, of course, though it may take some time before I complete it.

In the meantime, I'm interested in starting a discussion on what everyone else thinks is needed in the way of clojure game programming related articles. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

- Dan.

Article Suggestions by dublindandublindan, 10 Dec 2010 04:54

Hi Markus,

I think that the community will be small for a while, at least until I or somebody else gets more content up in the way of tutorials and sample games. The interest is there though, because a few people have contacted me about the site before I made it public.

I realize that right now the site is quite bare and little more than a collection of links to clojure related game programming code/articles. I am working on articles about game programming in a functional style, but it will take me some time to complete. I announced the site early because I figured that its a good idea for early involvement of the community in a community website. Hopefully others will contribute too, but I think that will become more likely as I get more content finished.

In any case, it will be interesting to see where this goes.

- Dan.

Hi Michael,

Great! I'd love to hear about your progress. Feel free to create a page on this wiki for it, if you like.

Honestly, I hadn't thought about it too much. I figured a mailing list is a good idea and then I saw that wikidot supports forums, so I added one just because its there. If the community takes off, we can decide if we should use either the forum or the mailing list to prevent segmentation.

- Dan.

Hello everybody,

I am developing a clojure hack and slay game right now. :)

Why did you create the google mailing list in addition to this forum?
I think its a bit confusing having two forums. Where should discussion take place?



Good idea! I'm hoping to begin programming games as soon as I'm more comfortable with Clojure itself. Looking forward to being an active member of this community.

Re: Welcome to Clojure Games! by oskarkvoskarkv, 19 Nov 2010 19:56

I just wanted to say I think this site is a good initiative.
I have tried to make games in clojure or to use clojure as a scripting langauge for games a few times now but I have never been satisfied with the frameworks I have come up with so I have lost interest and abandoned the projects.
My hope is that a community (even a small one) of people with similar interests can help each other out with peer review and contributions to keep the interest up and create some useful stuff together. And some great games ;)


Re: Welcome to Clojure Games! by bagucodebagucode, 19 Nov 2010 06:45

I want to take a few moments to welcome everybody to

Please feel free to add, contribute and discuss on the wiki and forums and don't hesitate to let me know of any improvements that could be made to the site (use the site discussion forum).

Hopefully we can build a thriving and fun community of clojure programmers interested in game programming and game developers interested in clojure or functional programming.

Most of all, lets have some fun with clojure!

- Dan.

Welcome to Clojure Games! by dublindandublindan, 10 Nov 2010 16:38